LOVE & HAPPINESS The Secrets To Creating Winning Relationships is a book for anyone who loves, LOVE! Packed with insights and wisdom that will spark dialogue and promote healing in virtually every area of a relationship. Many relationships are peppered with flawed communication and dysfunctional patterns of expressing love and as a result happiness is sparse and at best often fleeting in the face of day to day priorities. 

Bishop Vandy Colter has authored a gem for married and singles alike. Tips on how to stay connected to who you love through the darkest times of life. Keys to create spiritual unity and harmony. How to build a bridge for effective communication. How to insulate your relationships against the winds and floods of life, and so much more. Whether your relationship is in a good place or a not so good place, Love and Happiness is for you. Order today!




REDEFINING MEGA is the most important book Pastors, Leaders, CEO's and Visionaries will read to discover the remarkable keys to truly win in Ministry & life! Redefining of Mega is the next great move of God to insure the future success of those with vision and dreams. Everyone can have a Mega Impact once they have redefined Mega. Find out what it really takes to have a Mega life? Redefining Mega will help Pastors, Organizations, Ministry leaders, visionaries; businesses and everyday people learn how to have a Mega impact without Mega numbers or Mega resources.

Bishop Colter has discovered and is now sharing the keys. Featured on the front page of several newspapers, and even on NBC News for the Mega impact he has had in his community, there is no doubt that Redefining Mega will bless Ministries and organizations of all sizes.

Redefining Mega focuses on the power of good stewardship, team building, vision and the importance of redefining the paradigm of leadership to produce a Mega mindset, remove frustration and ignite creative fires to unearth the key to true success. Just as wealth is not what is earned but what is kept; redefining Mega teaches how to work with what you have to produce a Mega impact on the lives of others and yourself by creatively using what you already have to become Mega.




It's amazing how sometimes all it takes is one book to put your life into perspective. Redefining Mega is that book. Not just catering to churches, but it has helped me to see how my business does not need to be grandiose to have a MEGA impact. The book makes you look at where you are, where you want to be, and how you can achieve your goals. Powerful stuff. Kim

I have been blessed by becoming acquainted with many powerful men and women of God. Bishop Vandy L. Colter, III is one such man. Through this extraordinary book, Bishop Colter challenges each of us to have a Mega Impact on the world around us. I fully recommend this book to anyone who has a desire to make a Mega Impact on someone else 's life! If you want to be Mega, this is the book for you! Dr. H. Michael Chitwood, General Overseer, International Congress of Churches and Ministers (lCCM)

My friend Bishop Vandy Colter has penned a transforming piece of literature. Seldom does any reader discover such a treasure of multidimensional truth. You will certainly find inspiration, refreshing new content, challenge and lasting solutions to your life situations. Dewey Friedel, TBN. And Alerta T. V. Host. Author, Pastor of Shore Christian Center.

This book is really inspiring. Everything the author shares throughout the book will impact your life on various levels. This book gave me a new perspective on certain things in my life. I recommend this book to anyone who is willing to have a faithful life tied with a mega mindset! Don't wait!! Nicole

This is a powerful book. It is packed with real, down-to-earth practical principles that will impact your life, ministry and church. Dr. Vandy L. Colter was divinely appointed to deliver this word to us. It’s a must have for your leadership library. Judy N. Cook, Ph.D., President of North Carolina College of Theology, Wilmington NC.

This book was very riveting and well-written, I'm overwhelmed with the wealth of information and knowledge that this has exposed unto the Kingdom of God! Thank you so much for being so transparent and so forthcoming! This book was an answer to so many questions that I had before God in prayer as a young pastor endeavoring to do the will of God! I know that this book will strategically be a blessing and an asset to many believers and you are a gift to the body of Christ and He has Graced you to go before many people to advance the Kingdom! This book will make a Mega difference and shift the paradigm of Christendom for generations to come. I can't thank you enough for allowing God to use you and for you being obedient to His voice! Pastor Jeffrey L. Robinson

Chapter four of Redefining Mega started the shift in my reading of this book and starting a shifting of my mindset, this book is a great read for everyone any anyone who thinks being Mega is too big for little ole you, thank you Dr. Colter for always shifting the mindset of spiritual to practical and making a Mega impact in my understanding which grows even stronger. Dominique Woodson 

It took me about a few days to read the book, because of my crazy schedule, but after I was done, I wanted to go back and read it again!!!! This book is so inspiring and it encourages you to change your mind set. I would recommend this book to everyone because there's something in this book for everyone. Thanks Bishop Vandy Colter for helping me Redefine my Mega! Kingdom Builder

I would highly recommend reading Redefining Mega by Bishop Vandy L. Colter III. This book will show you how to think bigger than you are currently thinking. No matter if you think you have everything figured out or not this will show you how to Live that Mega Life with everyone around you. Anonymous 

The book is an excellent read for anyone wanting something big in their life, business or ministry. Having a mega mindset is decision you make and you start with this book... I higher recommend it!!! T. Woodson