Life Coach


 Understanding the blessing of a Coach:

What’s important to you? Finding your purpose in life?  Parenting Skills?  Money Management? Improved Marriage and Family relationships? Career Changes? Ministry Focus? Casting vision? 

Vision/Success/Life coaches provide mentoring and guidance that help you win! Dr. Colter is gifted at drawing out and developing a person's own wisdom to help maximize their gifts to work or better achieve personal potentials. As a vision/success/life coach Dr. Colter helps you develop “winning w/ays” and modified behavioral patterns for optimal outcomes in life, business or ministry.

 Coaching is a relationship.  It is a synergy between you and Dr. Colter to create change, growth and performance at a higher level.  Coaches help people discover purpose and meaning, develops tools for excellence and experience maximum performance in all areas of life.  Coaches help people move from potential to action and from dreaming to doing. Dr. Colter will do this for you for FREE!

 With imagination and discernment a Coach does not judge but helps. So whatever mistakes have hindered you in the past become stepping stones in the hands of the right Coach. Dr. Colter would love to hear where you are, where you’ve been and then help go where you want to go.  Dr. Colter will encourage, challenge and motivate you. And will help you develop an action plan after each communication/meeting and even hold you accountable as you work your plan.        



Thanks to Social Media, and (Posts/Blogs) it works everywhere.  Anywhere. When you contact Dr. Vandy L. Colter and ask him to coach you, you’re ready to go! Dr. Colter will reply to you with a brief questionnaire to better coach you to your destiny.


If you are ready to start just contact Dr. V. Colter here: CONTACT US