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    Did you know that Satan is the head of an organized kingdom, with an agenda custom-made to derail your destiny? In this 4 part series, Dr. Colter shares how Christians have ignored the reality of Satan. Learn how to combat the unclean spirits that have been allowed to live or attack the rooms of our houses, our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This teaching shows you how to turn your house into a home again; a place where God dwells comfortably not just on Sunday…but every day! Follow these principles and the enemy’s plan against you will never overrule God’s plan for you again. It does not matter what’s in the devil…but it does matter what’s in you. Let God into your whole house and make it a home!

  • It My Walk DVD



    Each of us are called by God to have our own walk. Our own responsibilities, duties and path that ultimately introduce seasons & blessings. Dr. Colter teaches how to avoid temptations to walk in someone else’s shoes and break the mindset that follows the wrong crowd in this powerful series. Master critical decision making in methods that glorify the Lord. Sanctify yourself with this great wisdom. WALK OFF: lying, womanizing, gossiping, and every other spirit that wars with the holy spirit. Every miracle and blessing is buried in your walk, so learn how to walk in the authority to have them.

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    Love & Happiness (The Secrets To Create Winning Relationships)


    Love and Happiness is a must read for every couple that plans to stay in love.

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    Strengthen your relationship with Dr. Vandy & Min. Barbara Colter real talk. In this open forum we talk about everything from Sex to developing healthy communication. This is perfect for married and singles who are determined to have LOVE & HAPPINESS.

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    5.00 out of 5

    Redefining Mega


    This book will inspire any visionary, dreamer or leader. Be sure to buy a copy for your Pastor, Mentor or someone you know is serious about success.

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